ABOUT THE Berkeley Brewing® fOUNDER

Claudia Cruz

Berkeley Brewing® founder and president Claudia Cruz grew up in Brazil and is a dual American-Brazilian citizen. She earned a degree in computer systems analysis from the, UNAERP University, São Paulo -
Brazil, and worked in a São Paulo-based software company as a client- and system-support manager before moving to United States and the San Francisco Bay Area. After moving to California, she worked as a nanny, bartender, and sales associate while completing international business studies through San Francisco City College, Berkeley City College, and UC-Berkeley Extension, eventually leading to a position at CITD Centers for International Trade Development with lead her to start an exporting company name IMnEXPORT and promoting the export of Afro America Hear products from several minority bay area business owner to Brazil in 2004. These early experiences, coupled with an exposure to the beer markets in both the United States and Brazil, were instrumental in leading Claudia to found upgrade her company with Alcoholic Beverage Government Permits in 2012. In 2013, Claudia begin exporting craft beer from every craft Brewery Owner that dream to see his/her beer been tasted and appreciated all over the world including Belgium.

She add a dba name "BERKELEY BREWING", name of the city she being living and loving for couple decades, and eventually she registered Berkeley Brewing as Beer, Goods and services and Yes BERKELEY BREWING IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AND SERVICE MARK Owned by Claudia.

She upgrade the company profiled adding Craft Spirits and Craft Wine from her California
now travels to several times each year, and through conversations with both American brewers and Brazilian and European importers, importer to be—as well as the insight gained in attending craft beer conventions, festivals, and similar events in and out US—she is well aware of the challenges that South American and European importers face in trying to connect with American breweries, get documentation need and arrange land and sea transportation. Claudia’s understanding of the market—and the people values on either end of that pipeline—and her passion for the art of craft beer have led to her commitment meeting those challenges.