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A Headquartered in Berkeley, and with warehouse facilities in Oakland, California (USA), IMnEXPORT is an import-export wholesale company with a particular focus on exporting craft beers from the United States to South America, a plan that rolled out in Brazil in 2013. Through a network of craft and specialty beer brewers, we’re developing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships to feed the growing demand for these beers—today in Brazil and tomorrow…? IMnEXPORT was founded by Claudia Cruz in 2004. Shortly before that, Claudia, as a student of international trade and with the support of United State Chamber of commerce, began representing the export interests of several small San Francisco Bay Area companies in Brazil, her birth country. This work ignited Claudia’s interest in growing the trade between Brazil and the United States, focusing on what each country does best—an idea that led her to found IMnEXPORT. Today, IMnEXPORT is particularly focused on exporting craft beers from the United States to Brazil. The company’s efforts are focused on satisfying an increasing demand for craft and specialty beers in South America, having anticipated the craft beer boom that is now in place there  In Brazil. IMnEXPORT has captured the interest of several medium and large beer importers who used to import only European beer but are showing a growing interest in American brands. We are developing relationships with these numerous Brazilian importers and plan to grow our network with all South American countries that can support the craft beer industry.  As your exporter, wholesale representative in either country, IMnEXPORT doesn’t just sell your craft beer to importers and distributors. We take a proprietary interest in the products we sell, making sure that all beverages are handled properly from the moment they are bottled and palletet  until they reach their destinations—all with the intent of maintaining the highest quality possible. We also help support and promote your products, educating the market (importers, distributors, bars, and patrons), and spreading our clients’ names as quality craft beverage brewers. After all, the business we’re creating is not just about moving the product; rather, we are invested in—and passionate about—the brewers whom we represent.

IMnEXPORT founder and president Claudia Cruz grew up in Brazil and is a dual American-Brazilian citizen. She earned a degree in computer systems analysis from the University of Ribeirão Preto in São Paulo, Brazil, and worked in a São Paulo-based software company as a client- and system-support manager before moving to United States and the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994. After moving to California, she worked as a nanny, bartender, and sales associate while completing international business studies through San Francisco City College, Berkeley City College, and UC-Berkeley Extension, eventually leading to a position at CITD Centers for International Trade Development promoting the export of U.S. products to Brazil. These early experiences, coupled with an exposure to the beer markets in both the United States and Brazil, were instrumental in leading Claudia to found IMnEXPORT in 2004 and begin exporting beer in 2013. She now travels to Brazil several times each year, and through conversations with both American brewers and Brazilian importers—as well as the insight gained in attending craft beer conventions, festivals, and similar events in both countries—she is well aware of the challenges that South American importers face in trying to connect with American breweries. Claudia’s understanding of the market—and the people values on either end of that pipeline—and her passion for the art of craft beer brewing have led to her commitment meeting those challenges.


Claudia Cruz